June 10th, 2016.Kagadam Village, Niger.In the rural areas of Niger, Villages like Kagadam are close nit communities where families and neighbors depend on each other to survive in the harsh dry Sahel region. These are images of daily life in Kagadama, a village CARE began it?s pilot saving?s and loan program over 25 year-ago.  

.BACKGROUND .From June 10TH-14TH, 2016 a communications team from CARE USA visited sites around the district town of Maradi in the Eastern part of Niger, with a CARE staffer from Norway named Moira, who in 1991 started what would become known globally as CARE?s Village Saving and Loans Project.
In the early 1990s CARE developed what would become an important model for cooperative microfinance
This model is called the Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) and it began in 1991 as a pilot project run by CARE's Country Office in Niger.[23] The pilot project was called Mata Masu Dubara (MMD) and CARE Niger developed the VSLA model by adapting the model of Accumulating Savings and Credit Associations (ASCAs). VSLAs involve groups of about 15-30 people who regularly save and borrow using a group fund. Member savings create capital that can be used for short-term loans and capital and interest is shared among the group at the end of a given period (usually about a year), at which point the groups normally re-form to begin a new cycle. Because the bookkeeping required to manage a VSLA is quite simple most groups successfully become independent (needing no outside management help) within a year and enjoy a high rate of long-term group survival.[24] CARE has created over 40,000 VSLAs (over 1 million members total) across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. .Photo by Josh Estey/CARE

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